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Central City Brewers & Distillers began as a brewpub in 2003 in downtown Surrey, B.C., Canada.

The Vancouver-area destination's reception and sustained following, particularly auround a signature beer called Red Racer to Darryll Frost, president and founder, that Canadian craft beer had serious potential.


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Brewpub expands to full-fledged brewery

Explores the automation decisions and history of Canadian based brewery which has been growing steadily since 2008, expanding their production over 10 fold from 7,000 hectoliters to 100,000 in their new facility. Gain insight on the expansion process and the key factors considered by Central City in their approach to automation strategy and equipment selection.

Coffee Packaging - Single Serve Automation

Synergy through collaboration

In 2012, as Keurig patents expired, Barrie House Coffee & Tea began to realize a plan that had been in development since 2008; bring a sustainable, recyclable single serve coffee capsule to market. The result, a cup extruded from a special blend of materials supplied by a proprietary manufacturer, packaged across 4 fully automated lines from capsule filling to palletizing with a combined output of over 1000 cups per minute.

Pressurized closure delivers at time of consumption

Unique products made possible with creative automation solutions

Vessl’s product is utterly unique, in fact, they are the sole worldwide master patent holder of this technology. To bring the product to market they needed a partner that can create an equally unique packaging and assembly solution. Learn more about the precise dosing, nitrogen purged capsule created by Vessl and the equipment that made it all possible.

Tin-ties meet automation

Custom design, perfect fitment

Barrie house Coffee and Tea required automation that was not on the market, and they knew exactly who to approach for designing and delivering the correct packaging equipment. Working together we deliver a unique machine, ideal not only Barrie House, but any producer requiring automated Tin-Tie application. Learn more about the design process, considerations, and realization of this project below.

Nutrition Card Applicator Machine - Grab & Go Snack Pack

Nutrition Card Applicator Equipment

These thermoformed snack pack trays’ unique, dual-chambered format limited space for messaging, leading Cedar’s Foods to a clever, automated solution for nutritional information cards.