Process Automation

Process Automation

 - wide range of processes: handling, filling, extrusion, cooling, grease application, etc.
 - integrated in robotic cells and assembly machines  
 - standalone dedicated lines and systems
 - customized to fit customer specifications

Robotic Cell - Clip assembly & De-gating in Car Front panel

Robotic Cell - Clip assembly in Car Door panels

Robotic Cell - Two Robots on top of mold machine, Spoiler De-gating with Router

Automatic Handling System - Cakes unloading from baking trays

Semi-automatic Assembly System - Gizmo Single Cap

Fully Automatic Assembly Line - Gizmo Cap

Automatic Assembly Line - Gizmo Dual Cap

Automatic Process System - Cheese Extruder

Automatic Handling System - Cheese Blocks

Fully Automatic Handling System - Water Sprinklers

Automatic Handling System - Plastic Pails

Automatic Handling System - Metal Sheet Parts Press Loader

Special Features