Compact Robotic Cells

Compact Robotic Cells

 - combines assembly station(s) and robot(s) in one machine
 - robots and assembly stations installed in the same frame with the guarding enclosure
 - allows to minimize production floor space usage and easily fits in the current production equipment layout
 - one or two robots are used to achieve required cycle time and working area
 - doesn't require permanent anchoring to the floor
 - can be easily relocated to another position by using a lift truck
 - can be equipped with changeover nests and robot EOATs
 - can be equipped with bowl feeders for automatic component loading

Robotic Cell - Car Console Air Register Assembly

Robotic Cell - Clip assembly, Insulator welding, 3D scanner inspection in Car B-pillar panel

Robotic Cell - Clip assembly & De-gating in Car Front panel

Robotic Cell - Clip assembly & Welding

Robotic Cell - Clip assembly in Car Door panels

Robotic Cell - Car Air Box Grommet Assembly

Robotic Cell - Two Robots Ultrasonic Welding Car Dash Board Panel

Robotic Cell: Ultrasonic and Infra Red Assembly, Label Application

Robotic Cell - High speed Plastic Clip Assembly

Robotic Cell - Two Robots, Ultrasonic welding and Punching Fixture

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