NHC-40: Horizontal Linear Cartoner

NHC-40: Horizontal Linear Cartoner


Introducing the new NHC-40 horizontal linear cartoner, a fully automatic cartoning machine, featuring several industry-first advancements that achieve superior repeat-ability, reliability and speed while maximizing equipment versatility. Its motion is derived from a servo driven indexing conveyor that easily generates an output of 40 cartons per minute. The horizontally-mounted carton buckets in cooperation with an offset product collation and loading area helps keep this cartoner under 3m (7.5′) in length, while maximizing carton size range.

This automatic carton packing machine features a unique carton feeder, erecting cartons into specially-sized buckets that hold the cartons in place with integrated suction cups throughout the entire path of the machine. This one-of-a-kind design eliminates friction between rails and cartons and prevents scuffing and scratching of delicate carton surfaces. The magnetic detents also provide a quick and simple changeover, requiring no tools!

Ideal for mid-speed production runs, this horizontal cartoning machine is a versatile platform and can be fully automated or semi automatic depending on your required speeds and other specifications . All-cylinder or all-servo versions available to best suit your packaging requirement.

Technical Parameters

Servo driven intermittent motion

Up to 40 cartons per minute

Product Size Range
Per Project Specification

Carton Size Range
Length: min – 3” (76mm) max – 12” (305mm)
Width: min – 1” (25mm) max – 5” (127mm)
Height: min – 1” (25mm) max – 5” (127mm)

Carton Feed
Servo driven, positively erecting cartons into buckets, delicate handling

– Linear intermittent motion
– Multiple operating stations allowing, direct or field installation of options including:
• Leaflet insertion     • Barcode reader
• Missing product detection      • Printer
• Open flap detection     • Automatic reject
– High speed in-feed systems are designed to meet specific product loading
– Hot melt system or fold and tuck (airplane or reverse)

Complete stainless steel construction

Full length polycarbonate with extruded aluminum frames

All parts in contact with product are stainless steel, anodized aluminum or delrin.

Bosch Rexroth, Omron, Allen Bradley
Touch screen HMI
NEMA 12 wiring and enclosures
3-Color stackable warning lights

Validation (optional)
Open flaps inspection, barcode scanner, product present verification, and reject station

Installation Requirements
Power: 240 VAC with 3 phase @ 30 amps.
Air: 90 PSI, 10 cfm

Special Features

Special Features
• Up to 30 cartons per minute
• Reliable servo controlled motion
• Delicate carton handling via nest
• Industry Leading Compact Footprint
• Ergonomic design
• Stainless Steel Frame Standard