NCP-25: Single Cell Case packer

NCP-25: Single Cell Case packer


The single cell case packer combines three separate operations into a single unit on your shop floor. The case packing machine will erect the case, load the product and seal the case all within one frame. 

  • 3 in1 single cell technology – erect, load, and seal on one frame
  • DELTA Style 2 axis robot – single head or dual head
  • Powerful ELAU Servo motion control platform
  • Precise, Repeatable technology
  • High speed top load up to 25 cases per minute
  • Smallest industry footprint – 160″ length X 60″ width
  • Proven “Pin & Dome” case erection technology – no vacuum
  • Heavy duty welded tubular steel frame
  • No tools changeover – generally less than 15 minutes
  • Innovative high precision (all servo) pick and place (low maintenance design)

Technical Parameters

AC Motors (Case and product transfer), Servo Drives (“Delta” Loader)

NCP-25: Up to 25 cases per minute

Case Size Range
Width: 5” (127mm) – 16” (405mm)
Height: 4” (100mm) – 16” (405mm)
Length: 6” (152mm) – 24” (610mm)

Threaded screws, hand wheels and hand knobs with position pointers and scales.

Case Sealing
Two Tape Heads (2” or 3” tape) or “Nordson” Glue system.

Magazine Capacity
4 ft. (~150 cases)

Stainless Steel

Full length polycarbonate with extruded anodized aluminum frames.

All parts in contact with product are stainless steel, anodized aluminum or plastic.

“ELAU” C-400 Programmable logic motion controller Color touch screen HMI.NEMA 12 wiring and enclosures.3-Color stackable warning lights.


Installation Requirements
Power: 230 VAC/30 Amps. or 480 VAC/15 Amps. 3 phase, 50/60 Hz Air: 90 PSI, 10 cfm.

Special Features