Assembly Machines

Assembly Machines

 - manual, semi-automatic, automatic
 - single and multi-stations 
 - shuttles and/or rotary indexers to transfer parts nests between stations
 - pneumatic or servo linear manipulators to transfer sub-assemblies between stations
 - equiped with the sensors and/or cameras for parts/process verification and vision inspection
 - compact layout to minimize production floor space usage
 - ergonomically friendly for operator interaction with the machine
 - multiple assembly technologies (Ultrasonic staking & welding, Infra-red staking & welding,  Clip, Gromet, Pushnut installation/assembly, Screw driving, etc.)
 - can be equipped with bowl feeders for automatic component loading

Automatic Assembly System - Car Air Registers Assembly - Multi Stations

Automatic Assembly System - Car Air Registers Assembly - Servo Shuttle Tables

Automatic Assembly Fixture - Rotary Indexer, Infra-red staking

Automatic Assembly Fixture - Two Servo Shuttle Tables, Ultrasonic welding

Semi-automatic Assembly Fixture - Car Front Door Garnish assist assembly

Semi-automatic Assembly Fixtures - Car Air Box Assembly

Automatic Assembly Fixture - Duct Inlet Ultrasonic Welding Fixture

Robotic Cell - Duct snapping, Compression limiter assembly I rubber gromet

Robotic Cell: Ultrasonic and Infra Red Assembly, Label Application

Semi-automatic Assembly System - Gizmo Single Cap

Semi-automatic Assembly System - Furniture Drawer

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